Editorial of the Moment: Vogue Italia Sept. ’11 – “Vogue Suggestions”

December 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

This year’s issues of Vogue Italia haven’t been the strongest, but an editorial from their September issue stuck with me. The issue wasn’t their best work, but one of the editorials showcased the talent of one of my favorite models Isabeli Fontana.

Shot by Vincent Peters, the editorial is very classic and sultry. I love the timeless “Film Noir” elements that are present in the editorial, which give it a mysterious feel. Isabeli Fontana, a chameleon of a model, suits the 1940s-esque vibe perfectly.

View some of my favorite shots below:

View the rest after the jump!

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(NSFW) And The Best September Issue Goes To…

September 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Every year, fashion lovers around the world impatiently wait for the highly anticipated drop of the September issue. These fashion magazines aren’t the regular monthly issue. These September issues are thick, heavy, and filled with all the latest fashion trends and tips for the forthcoming year. September marks the new year for the fashion industry, hence their grave importance. These issue releases are almost as exciting as the first morning of Christmas!

After perusing through various editorials from magazines across the globe, I finally settled on one issue: Numero #126

As seen evident in my blog posts, I have always admired and loved Numero. Their magazine issues are always sexy, interesting, and above the norm. I did try to be as unbiased as possible as I browsed through the September 2011 issues, but Numero captured my attention the most. Shot by the master himself, Karl Lagerfeld, the September cover is stark, clean, and a nice change from all of the other fussy and colorful magazine issues. The cover also features some great models: Karmen Pedaru, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Anja Rubik, Stella Tennant and Saskia de Brauw. Titled Heroines, the issue provides the reader with editorials that focuses on the strong and confident woman.

Let’s take a look inside!

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Vogue Paris – June/July ’11: Magazine Review (NSFW)

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

The fashion industry never comes without controversy, and Vogue Paris’s June/July issue does just that. Emmanuelle Alt’s third issue as Editor-In-Chief gave many readers (including myself) flashbacks to the heydays of the “Supermodel Era.” Shot by the power duo Mert & Marcus, the Vogue Paris cover paints model Isabeli Fontana as a mini-Linda Evangelista.

While many fashion magazines pay homage to various supermodels, this particular cover stuck out the most. Not because it is the most memorable, but because it is a direct copy of the legendary Steven Meisel’s cover shoot with Linda Evangelista almost 22 years ago. Even though I am not a fan of obvious editorial replicas, I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE this cover!

Isabeli Fontana’s eyes are stunningly piercing, the Lanvin dress suits her curves, and the signature color saturation is impeccable. Luckily, the editorials within are just as strong as the cover. It’s time for the review!

1. Canicule featuring Isabeli Fontana, shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

This editorial shows all the reasons why Isabeli Fontana is one of the top models in the game, and also why she’s one of my favorite models of all time. The way she slants her eyes, positions her body, and models the clothing is simply perfection. I love the hot “Cuban Summer Nights” vibe this editorial gives off. I also love the vibrant color saturation that the photography duo is famous for; it elevates the editorial and makes it feel luxurious and dramatic.

Even though I adore this editorial, I do have to take into consideration that this editorial is a direct copy of Steven Meisel’s editorial for Vogue Italia February 1989, featuring the legendary Linda Evangelista. From the clothing, the make-up, the lighting, and intense poses, the Vogue Paris spread completely replicates the direction of the aforementioned editorial. Fashion is known for plagiarism and copywriting (which is accepted by many), but to do it so blatantly is a bit shocking. Nevertheless, I love the Vogue Paris editorial. It is beautiful, sexy, and captivating. Rating: 5/5

*See snippets of Meisel’s Vogue Italia spread below, and compare as you wish*

Numero #123- May 2011: Magazine Review

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of my favorite magazines, Numero, released their May issue last month. I’m a huge fan of the French-based publication’s dramatic and visually entertaining editorials. The #123 issue greatly lives up to that expectation.

The cover features Australian stunner Abbey Lee Kershaw in a striking, dancer-esque pose, which sets the tone for what’s inside the magazine. I love the cover because it has the capability of catching the readers’ eye on a newstand, unlike other American magazines.

While Kershaw’s face looks slightly gaunt, the rest of the frame makes up for it with its curve-enhancing top, warrior-like leather harness, and a silk skirt that elegantly blows in the wind. Titled “Performance”, this Numero cover gears the reader up for strong, energetic, and innovative editorials. Let’s review them, shall we?

1. Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Camilla Akrans

I am a huge fan of Camilla Akrans work; she has the ability to highlight the best assets of a woman with her soft photography and dimmed lighting. When I saw this editorial, I was surprised that Akrans shot it. I wasn’t used to such a stark perspective from her; the imagery felt more suited to photography duo Mert & Marcus. Nevertheless, I do love this editorial.

The depth of color used in this editorial paired with a model like Edita makes for a great combination. The lighting used casts shadows in all the right places, showing off the model’s deep cheekbones and delicate frame. Overall, the editorial gives off a Ziggy Stardust vibe, with the strong make-up and heavy outfits. I mean, who doesn’t love the ’70s? Rating: 4/5

2. Elena Sudakova by Solve Sundsbo

This editorial is one of the stranger ones that I’ve seen over the past few years. It reminds me of what goes on behind closed doors in an insane asylum. The walls, sheets, clothing, and model’s skin/hair all share the same nude color, which I find very creepy. The contortionist poses elevate the theme even further; Elena’s twists and turns makes her seem like a doll, doing whatever the photographer tells her to. This editorial seems very controlling and manipulative, which I find interesting and refreshing for a magazine. Rating: 5/5

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Editorial of the Moment: Numero #121- Duo’s Fleur De Lys (NSFW)

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every month, as magazines display their current issues, I look for photos from fashion/beauty editorials that I save on my hard drive as inspiration. One editorial that has been on my mind lately is from the March 2011 issue of Numero #121. The editorial, entitled “Duo’s Fleur de Lys”, features the lovely Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak, shot by Sean & Seng.

Many magazines are doing editorials that focus on Gothic or dark themes, and it becomes a bit redundant; coming across this editorial was so refreshing. The two factors that sticks out to me the most are: the photography, and the styling.

The photographer’s choice in lighting is beautiful; the shadows cast on the model are at all the right angles, making her body seem even more sculpted and defined. The lighting also frames her face well, highlighting her razor-sharp cheekbones and feline eyes. I like the styling because it is simple yet effective; chains and bright colors aren’t necessary in this shoot.

The clothing is right out of the ’50s, with its delicately creamy tones, high-waisted bottoms and boudoir-ready bras. The gold pearl earrings, slick pompadour, and wine-stained lips top of the classy & sultry look. The touches of nudity aren’t offensive or gauche, which I appreciate. The peek-a-boo effect of a bare bum and bare breasts amplify the theme of this editorial: the ideal elegant woman.

View shots from the Numero editorial below:

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Emmanuelle Alt’s 1st Vogue Paris Issue – Review

April 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

The fashion industry rattled when word broke out that Vogue Paris’ editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld was leaving the magazine. The instant speculation of who would fill her position went along with the shocking news. Who else could fill Roitfeld’s slick & sexy Alaia stilettos? Well, it turns out that the perfect fit was former Creative Director Emmanuelle Alt, the fashion maven who is known for her Parisian take on Rock and Roll chic.

A few weeks ago, Alt’s very first Vogue Paris cover was released for the month of April 2011. The cover, which features Brasilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen, was striking to many. It was strongly due to the cover’s light and airy styling, a complete departure from the magazine’s well-known display of dripping wet sexual imagery. Bundchen, donning a Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2011 dress, gives off a distinct type of sex appeal. Not the kind of oozing pleather-wrapped sex appeal we usually attribute to the magazine, but it’s a whispering of a subdued Sicilian bella donna appeal.

The cover is great, but it doesn’t sit comfortably within the magazine’s standards; many have criticized Alt for using a dress shown on many (six to be exact) 2011 covers, including Vogue Germany. I do like the Italian romanticism that the cover has, I believe it is very fresh and girly in a positive way. But do I think Vogue Paris when I look at it? Unfortunately, no.

But the cover isn’t always reflective of the importance of a magazine: the inside editorials tell the story of the magazine. I have to say, the Parisian magazine always brings it when it comes to editorials. This issue does not disappoint in any way. Featuring some of my favorite models, some editorials are sexy and sartorially inspiring while others come across as bland & lacking excitement. Here is my Vogue Paris April 2011 Issue Review.

“Eco-Style” featuring Gisele Bundchen. Shot by Inez & Vinoodh

This editorial, which reflects the cover’s laid-back style comes off as very boring & very done. The hippie free-child style is nothing new and definitely does not fit the innovative and sexy aesthetic that is Vogue Paris. Rating: 2/5

“Green Girls” featuring Sasha Pivovarova. Shot by Hans Feuer. Styled by Marie Chaix

Pivovarova’s sharp green tongue is what immediately drew me into this editorial; it’s fun, inviting, and a cool twist for the Parisian magazine. Her intense blue eyes combined with the warrior-like styling makes for some great images. It still carries a hint of the magazine’s sex appeal, but keeps it subdued. Rating: 3/5

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