Bianca Gracie is a young music writer with dreams of becoming a bonafide & bad-ass editor of a major entertainment publication. Born & raised in the Bronx, she gives credit to her surroundings for inspiring her blog posts. She loses herself through music, art and pop culture with the streets of NYC leading her way. Her everyday conversations with friends and strangers alike have helped form her thoughts on the current state of music as seen through the eyes of her generation.

With this blog, Bianca hopes to share her views on various topics with people with different opinions and interests as well as grow as a confident writer and an observant person. YouthandHysteria is not the typical blog; it’s based on random musings of a young girl trying to find her way through music, fashion, film, pop culture, and everyday life experiences.

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Northeastern University c/o 2014 – B.A. in Communication Studies & Journalism, with a Media concentration

Current Positions

Freelancer for Spin Media’s Idolator.com

Past Positions

Staff Writer for Woof Magazine

Intern for Spin Media’s Idolator.com

Web Journalist and Sub-Editor for American University of Paris’ The7eme.com

President of Northeastern University’s Haute Fashion organization

Social Media Consultant for The Globe Showroom

Contributor for Tastemakers Magazine

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