Michael Weferling’s 3-D Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary: Revisit The EP

October 20, 2014 § Leave a comment


Last Spring, I introduced Michael Weferling to Youth and Hysteria Artist Spotlight, a few months before the pop artist released his debut EP on October 20 – titled 3-D. Since then, Weferling has moved to NYC in dreams of making it big. He has performed at various shows in the city in hopes of catching the attention of music execs, and if he keeps up with his determination, that dream may come true sooner than later!

In my review of 3-D, “Soldier For Our Love” was my clear favorite: “…a power anthem that was first released back in April but is now remastered and free of the flaws that stopped it from becoming a solid pop tune. The synth-heavy production, which was once submissive, is now boastful and pairs well with Weferling’s strong vocals and continues the throwback ’80s revival sound. It’s perfect for a few spins at a downtown Manhattan bar.” A year later, and the song still packs a punch with its New Wave-esque sparkling synths and charming piano melodies. It’s still a great spin for a night on the town.

Weferling describes the EP as having “a Pop/R&B with influence from Aaliyah and Solange.” This influence is evident in “Mine,” a bright R&B-tinged tune filled with brass instruments that help to anchor the singer’s bold vocals.

Revisit the 3-D EP below, and see if any of your past favorites still ring true. « Read the rest of this entry »

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