Lady Flint – Lady Flint: EP Review

June 8, 2014 § Leave a comment


From popular acts like Black Keys to Jack White, blues-rock has proven that it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Continuing on with the trend, a new international duo has emerged on the scene. Lady Flint (who hail from Marseilles, France) have recently dropped their self-titled debut EP. The act is only composed of Gran Dav on drums and Tony More on guitar – pretty unexpected for a band, huh?

The EP starts off with “Scare Off Crows,” a track that highlights the best of classic blues rock – a sharp and steady riff, pounding drums and gritty vocals. This tried-and-true formula has worked in favor of many rock musicians, and Lady Flint is no exception. Following is the sinister tune, “The Last Time I Was Sober,” whose somber lyrics hail back to the freestyle era of the 1960’s where musicians poured their souls out over minimal production.

But don’t mistake this song for simple – the French duo crashes in with loud and jarring drums without warning, which amps up the the song’s message. The Lady Flint EP wraps up with “Problems,” a melodic uptempo that sounds like it was taken straight from Nashville, TN. The authenticity the duo was able to achieve is quite astounding, seeing how they live in a different continent. The song is heavy-hitting, wild and energetic. It just goes to show the universality of music, and no matter what anyone else many believe – rock music is definitely here to stay.

Overall Rating: 3/5
Song on Repeat
“Not A Wise Man”
Song to Skip

Listen for yourself below!

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