Beat The Heart – Waiting For A Sequel: EP Review

May 21, 2014 § Leave a comment


Beat The Heart, the latest band to emerge from the indie rock scene, is making an international debut with their new EP Waiting For A Sequel. The five-piece band from Stockholm recorded the project in the Swedish countryside, with the help of producer Anders Rane and engineer Tony Malmberg. The project lifts itself from being just an EP. Rather, it creates a picture in the listener’s mind as each song is like a scene in a coming-of-age film.

Waiting For A Sequel transports the ears to a mysterious wonderland, thanks to the opening track “Like Marylou.” Lead singer Nicolas Flemström‘s delicate voice drips with anguish as he sings about an ex-lover. Personal lyrics like “I finally see you fucked my mind/ A perfect dream that you designed” are strengthened by the tune’s string-like guitar rhythms and weighty drums.

Following is “Hymn For Fools,” a poetic ballad that is reminiscent of childhood lullabies due to its innocent harmonies and sparkling melodies. But the second verse rips in with a surprising yet fitting power chord that seems to be taken out of an ’80s glam rock playbook. This jolt of energy saves the song from becoming too flat. “Since You Came,” the weakest song of the EP, leans a little more on the cheesy side instead of charismatic. From lyrics straight out of a C-list ’90s rom-com (“I used to be a dusty sheet/A canvas lost in a drawer/But since you came you’ve painted me/Full of light in many layers“) to its repetitive aesthetics found in many other songs, “Since You Came” is quite forgettable.

Closing out the EP is the title track that revives the entire project with its gravely vocals, energetic guitars and pounding drums. The song rounds out the EP’s film concept, with the main character looking back on his past memories and finally accepting them: “If I could only try again to rewrite the script/To cut out the bits that we should have skipped/Well then we’d simply avoid/The parts we destroyed/And fill them with joy.” The song is a fresh perspective that many can relate to.

Waiting For A Sequel is a beautifully cinematic EP that captures the various emotions that comes along with love and relationships. Beat The Heart strays away from the typical sounds found in the current American indie scene, and captures raw emotion (both lyrically and sonically) that creates a romantic storyline.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Listen for yourself below!

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