Seven Reasons Why The 56th Annual Grammy Awards Was A Big Joke

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It’s no secret that the Grammy Awards are becoming more bland and a political favoritism-fest, but last night’s 56th annual broadcast proved why award shows like this don’t really matter anymore. Mediocrity is praised, while deserving artists continue to be snubbed. There are many reasons why The Grammys are becoming such a joke in music, but here are 7 reasons why last night’s broadcast was a fail.

1. Kendrick Lamar Snubbed For “Best Rap Album”

On October 22, 2012, a young rapper from Compton single-handedley shifted the way we think about hip-hop. Kendrick Lamar’s major label debut, Good Kid, m.A.A.d city told an insightful story about the harsh realities of growing up in the hood and Lamar’s struggles to get out. Supported by lush production, atmospheric rhythms and poetic lyrics, K. Dot took rap back to a time when it more about storytelling – and less about gimmicks.

Fast forward to 2014 at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, and Kendrick Lamar (along with Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) is nominated for Best Rap Album. Guess who takes it? The most gimmicky rapper out of the group – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The Heist is so incomparable to Good City that it hurts to even think that it won against a future rap classic. Who is going to remember Macklemore in the next 2 years? Riddle me that…

2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” Performance/Wedding Ceremony

People love to complain that the “sanctity” of marriage is becoming a stunt, yet no one seemed to have issues with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ major “Same Love” performance stunt. Shocker! Macklemore, the master of gimmicks, has taken something as serious as gay right and equality and turned it into a puppet show that was boosted by his cringe-worthy tune “Same Love.”

Queen Latifah came to ordain the weddings of 34 couples (both same-sex and heterosexual) while Madonna joined the crew onstage to sing the newlyweds off with “Open Your Heart.” Once again, Macklemore uses his popularity to exploit a cause that people have died for in order to be crowned the Ultimate Gay Supporter. There are many rappers who are gay and who support gay rights, but check their skin color and you’ll see why they don’t get recognized for their efforts. The entire ordeal was cheap, tacky and made a mockery out of a ceremony that some people actually take as sacred.

3. Beyonce’s Snooze-worthy Performance

For all of the people who truly believe in their hearts that Beyonce gave a performance of a lifetime last night, then you’re sadly lying to yourselves. Yes, it is true that she is one of the best entertainers of our time – but that does not make her exempt from giving a bad performance now and then. First off, she performed “Drunk In Love” – a club favorite but a trashy song for something as highly regarded as the Grammys. It just shows how brainwashed “stans” have become.

Who in their right mind made that decision to OPEN the show with a song like that? There were plenty of other songs from Beyonce that could have been performed, and she let that opportunity slide out of her fingers. The lighting was off, she looked sloppy and the entire vibe of the performance was lackluster. Not to mention that our very own King Bey who you all worship had the nerve to lip-sync about 75 percent of the song while doing ZERO choreography. It was simply mediocre, yet so many people continue to praise and create foils for her mistake – not believing that their queen or “Motha” can do any wrong. If Beyonce really wanted to wow us, she and Jay Z should have performed all their duets – showing us why they’ve become the power couple of music.

4. Ziggy Marley Winning “Best Reggae Album” For The Umpteenth Time

Does the Academy know there are other reggae artists who exist other than the ubiquitous Marley Clan? There’s no doubt that Ziggy, Stephen and Damian Marley are criminally talented – but while Jamaica is a small island, their is a treasure chest filled with just as talented (and even more talented in some cases) who deserve to be recognized. How Ziggy Marley’s live concert album wins over Beres Hammond, Sizzla and Sly & Robbie is beyond me. Being of Jamaican descent, it is an insult when the Academy becomes so ignorant enough to not to their research on what’s going on in the Caribbean music scene.

5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Dominating The Rap Categories

What better way to display the gentrification of hip-hop than giving the least rap-centric artist all of the rap awards? When a rap fan thinks of this genre, the artists who come to mind are Nas, Jay Z, Kanye West, J. Cole and the list goes on. In no form should an artist like Macklemore be recognized among the greats. This is an artist who uses a respected genre for his own personal gain, using gimmicks about thrift shops and bland, ubiquitous dance productions about loose ceilings to grab the masses of Middle America (who honestly don’t know any better and who can be so easily fed with media garbage) and become some of the biggest music stars in this country.

From using the tragedy of Trayvon Martin at the 2013 AMAs to gain calculated sympathy, to publishing his “I’m sorry” text to Kendrick Lamar on Instagram which patronized Kendrick and made Macklemore seem like the victim – this “rapper” comes off as incredibly phony. This is not about race – Eminem will always be one of the greatest rappers of our generation, and that is FACT – but it’s more about the Academy ignoring certain rappers due to their “controversy” (remember when Yeezus dropped?) and awarding a talentless guy for his ability of tricking the mass media into thinking he’s actually good.

6. R&B Not Recognized During Live Broadcast

There’s no secret that The Grammys is a completely whitewashed program, but to not have a genre like R&B broadcasted during the live show is a smack in the face. It’s worth noting that R&B has definitely had a shaky last few years, but artists like Tamar Braxton, Alicia Keys, Miguel, Frank Ocean, Brandy, John Legend, Ledesi – hell, even Rihanna – have taken an almost defunct genre (in mainstream terms) and saved it from being forgotten about. These artists have created beautiful and concrete music that should be recognized among the tired and over-hyped Country and Pop categories, instead of being thrown away during the first section of the red carpet pre-show.

7. The Grammys Voting Process Is A Joke To Begin With

Read this article from Complex magazine to find out all the flaws about the voting process. If Jay Z and Drake using their awards as drinking cups don’t give you any indicator of why this so-called “prestigious” award ceremony is declining, then you seriously need to wake up.

Photo Courtesy of: Billboard

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