MTV VMAs: 15 Most Iconic & WTF Moments In Video Music Award Show History!

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The MTV Video Music Awards will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this Sunday (August 25) so I’ve decided to look back throughout the decades to recap one of music’s wildest award shows out there.

From Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Britney Spears breakout “Oops…” performance, there’s a lot that has happened over the last 30 years. Let’s take a look back at some of the craziest OMG moments, appearances and performances in MTV VMA history!

15. Krist Novoselic Gets Hit With His Bass During Nirvana performance (1992)

During the band’s performance of “Lithium,” Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic thought it was a good idea to throw his bass up in the air. Gravity wasn’t on his side when the guitar landed right on his head. Ouch!

14. Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford Climbs On Scaffolding (2000)

RATM’s bassist Tim Commerford was so pissed that his band lost the Best Rock Video to Limp Bizit, that he started to climb on the stage’s scaffolding until security had to get him down.

13. Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” Clone Performance (2000)

This performance was pretty epic, as a sea of Slim Shady clones (with peroxide blonde hair, obviously) gathered inside the VMA Radio City Music Hall venue!

12. Courtney Love Ambushing Madonna’s Interview (1995)

A drunk Courtney Love thought it was a good idea to intrude on Madonna’s VMA interview, which the Queen of Pop was clearly not too pleased about. Love even throws her makeup compact to try to get her attention!

11. Madonna’s Glamourous “Vogue” Performance (1990)

Madonna’s Marie Antoinette-inspired “Vogue” performance was definitely one for the books! It was over-the-top, super-animated and solidified her as the reigning Queen of Pop. Bow down!

Read on for the top 10 VMA moments!

10. Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley’s Infamous Kiss (1994)

This is probably the most awkward VMA moment, as then-couple Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley randomly kissed on stage. It was definitely NOT hard to look away.

9. Michael Jackson’s Showstopping Medley (1995)

MJ gave the audience an incredible 15-minute medley of hits including “Billie Jean, “Black Or White”, etc. It’s the King of Pop showing us why he got that title in the first place. Need I say more?

8. Britney Spear’s “Slave 4 U” Performance (2001)

After her showstopping performance the previous year (we’ll get to that later) Britney Spears showed that she was all grown-up as she sauntered on the VMA stage with a yellow python for her “Slave 4 U” performance!

7. Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress (2010)

In her stance of claiming she’s “not a piece of meat”, Lady Gaga took to the VMA stage in a freshly-prepared meat dress complemented by meat boots. Mother Monster also debuted a few seconds of the soon-to-be-anthem “Born This Way.”

6. Britney’s Embarrassing “Gimmie More” Performance (2007) & Amazing Comeback Appearance (2008)

2007 marked the year of Britney’s infamous breakdown and she tried her best to give straight performance of “Gimmie More”, but it was like watching a trainwreck. Yet the following year, the Princess of Pop did a 180 and came back to the VMA stage better than ever – winning a majority of the awards that night!

5. Gaga’s Bloody “Paparazzi” Performance (2009)

Who could forget the moment when a then-newcomer Lady Gaga bloodied the VMA stage during her “Paparazzi” performance? It was manic, stylistic and unforgettable!

4. Madonna’s 3-way Kiss with Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera (2003)

After her “Hollywood” performance, Madonna brought out Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera to sing “Like A Virgin” before engaging in a steamy liplock. Poor Christina, the attention was all on Madge and Britney!

3. Beyonce Debuting Her Pregnant Belly (2011)

Beyonce revealed her pregnancy during the red carpet pre-show, but the exciting moment occurred when the pop diva unbuttoned her sparkly blazer, rubbed her belly & dropped her mic after her “Love On Top” performance. So classy!

2. Kanye West Bumrushing Taylor Swift (2009)

I don’t think anyone will be able to forget this WTF moment! A drunk Yeezy made his way unto the stage to claim that Beyonce should’ve won the VMA for Best Female Video, instead of Taylor Swift – who looked just as confused as the rest of us.

1. Britney’s Sexy “Oops…” Performance (2000)

After her bubble-gum debut of “Baby One More Time”, Britney Spears was ready to break out as a mega pop star. And she did so with her famous performance of “Oops…I Did It Again.” The performance was fiery, sexy, mature and fearless! What else is there to say?

Look out for the 2013 MTV VMAs on August 25 at 9 p.m., live from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center!

What was your favorite VMA moment?

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