YouthandHysteria Artist Spotlight: Nadia Kazmi

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the midst of music and fashion news, my goal for this blog is to highlight talented artists who are on the come-up. So for my second installment of Artist Spotlight I chatted with upcoming artist Nadia Kazmi, a Calagary, Alberta-bred singer who has big wishes of making it in this tough music industry.

Kazmi found her passion for music at age 9. She said she started writing poetry from a young age, and her love for music and lyrics stemmed from there – “My inspirations are artists who have been successful despite many obstacles and those who have a quirky/unique artistic approach.”

“I have spend a lot of time in New York, Toronto, L.A. and Vancouver. I think moving around has given me a very eclectic sound,” she said.

Due to the influence of her travels, Kazmi’s sound holds no boundaries – with the singer transitioning from classic rock to soul with ease. She said, “I think my eclectic approach to songwriting is a defining character. I can write a reggae tune or a rock song and not think of them as drastically different because it comes out very naturally in either case.”

When asked about which song best showcases her as an artist Kazmi chose “Mother”, a emotional song that hints at a late 90’s Fiona Apple influence: “[‘Mother’] is a song about how we as humans treat the earth and other living beings. I am lyrically driven as a writer and the song’s metaphorical message with the dual literal meaning is a hallmark of my writing.”

While other artists are having trouble booking shows, Kazmi has already had a European tour: “We’ve been to some small cities in Belgium, plus Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich. The experience has been gratifying and meeting all the different people is humbling. It’s interesting to view all the differences and similarities between people. We’ve truly had an amazing time.”

When asked where she sees herself in five years she replied, “My next album is pretty much written, but I’d like to be able to play on all the songs I’ve written so I can get closer to my vision on the record. I think by September I’ll be in a position to do that. I see my career going in the same direction it is now: making the music I want to make with people who have the ability to bring the sound I desire alive. My plan is to be completely open and allow the music to lead the way.”

There is no question that Kazmi has a passion for music, and her confidence shows this. “I think I’ve always been an artist whether I knew it or not so I can’t officially decide at what moment that happened,” she said.

With that courage combined with her talent, Kazmi will have the ability to take her music career to the next level.

Listen to Nadia Kazmi’s “Mother” below:

Like what you hear? Click here for more information on her! Be sure to like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter & check out her website.

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Photo courtesy of: I Am PR Agency

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