YouthandHysteria Artist Spotlight: Vieem

February 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

Being the avid and (usually) nonjudgmental music lover that I have become, I am always searching for the newest underground voice that is trying to make it in this tough industry.

I recently chatted with Vieem, a Brooklyn-bred indie pop singer/songwriter, to discuss her music as well as her personal journey of getting where she is today.

From her early years of life, Vieem has been surrounded by music. Her father is a music teacher while her mother has a long experience of singing in the church choir. Vieem first found her voice in the church at the young age of 6, where she discovered that she had a passion for singing.

She honed in her passion during high school, where her girl group would perform and eventually sing in talent shows. Vieem began to take singing even more seriously, “I eventually ventured out on my own.”

“I got my first professional job at 19 at a dingy bistro in Brooklyn. From singing at the bistro I got the opportunity to go overseas to sing with a European artist,” Vieem says.

When describing her sound, Vieem says, “I like to tell a story melodically or just rant about stuff . I am a storyteller.”

Growing up singing in church, Vieem’s main inspiration derives from grass roots. But her taste does vary, with her dropping names like Jim Reeves, Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle and Tina Turner. She notes that discovering 80-90s rock and pop has influenced her personal taste as a songwriter.

Even with her various influences, Vieem stresses that her sound is all her own.

But her journey to becoming a singer/songwriter was not easy. “It was like a long and winding road,” she says, “I was recording two albums at the same time with two different producers. In the end, I wound up completing one which became “Be it Hated”.

When asked about how her style separates her from other indie artists she says, “Like finger prints to an identity, everyone writes their own soundtrack the best.”

“I love that my music is personal. I like to infuse different themes, surprise my listeners and give them the unexpected,” she says.

I asked her where she saw herself in the next ten years and she said while laughing, “I’m trying to get to first base!”

She continues, “I’m straight as long as I have a career doing what I love to do to, build a wider audience to people who want to listen.”

In her debut album Be It Hated, Vieem’s tender voice carries on the themes of love, infatuation and the rollercoaster feeling of emotions.

Listen to “If Only You Know” below:

Like what you hear? Click the picture above to purchase Be It Hated!

Be sure to follow Vieem on Twitter, subscribe to her Youtube account and check out her website for more updates!

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