New Music: Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sleigh Bells has just debuted their favorite track “Comeback Kid” as their official single off their upcoming sophomore project Reign of Terror.

With its shockingly 90s-sounding vocals, slight R&B influence and weird metal riffs, “Comeback Kid” shows the growth of the Brooklyn-based duo. Plus, Krauss’s vocals have never sounded clearer. Needless to say, I am quite excited for this new project to drop.

Here is what singer Alexis had to say about it:

“To me, the ‘Comeback Kid’ melodies are straight R&B. But we don’t do the melodies with an R&B affect and we don’t do them the way a traditional pop group would do them.”

“It’s by far my favorite track [on the new record],” says guitarist-producer Derek Miller. “Alexis smashed it with her vocal.”

Check out “Comeback Kid” below:

Listen to their first single “Born to Lose” here!

Look out for Reign of Terror dropping on February 21!

[Source: Spin]

Photo Courtesy of: SPIN

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