Lady Gaga – Born This Way – The Remix: Album Review

December 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lady Gaga dropped her remix album Born This Way: The Remix on November 18 and had critics asking “why?” Many felt that Gaga’s acclaimed Born This Way was already a standout on its own and did not need another side project to support it. While I see their view, I have to disagree. Born This Way: The Remix is not just a remix album; most of the songs on the record have the capability of standing on their own.

The album opens up with the equality anthem of 2011: “Born This Way” (Zedd Remix). I never liked this song, but this remix tones the antics all the way down to a funky synth groove which makes the headstrong themes of the original easier to swallow. Following is the experimental “Judas (Goldfrapp Remix).” The famed electro-pop duo twists Gaga’s vocals into an almost demonic-like trance that complements the original song’s religious themes.

“The Edge of Glory (Foster The People Remix)” has the typical Foster The People poppy & upbeat sound. The indie group does not elevate the original song. The production isn’t focused and the track gets annoying and predictable quickly.

I was interested to see how the producers would re-create Gaga’s “You and I”, and the Wild Beasts mastered it. Their remix transforms the honky-tonk song into a trance 80s-like romance ballad that you want to drunkenly saunter with your loved one on the dance floor.

When I first heard The Weeknd and Illangelo’s remix to “Marry The Night”, I immediately fell in love. The duo twisted the song into a complete 180; it went from a power-pop anthem to dark and melodic ballad. Genius.

The album picks up some intense speed with “Scheisse (Guena LG Club Remix)” . The hyped track instantly takes you into a Tekken-like mode, fighting against the synth heavy club beats. It is trashy Euro-pop at its finest. “Scheisse” is one of my favorites off Born this Way and is epic on its own; hearing this remix is just odd.

The original “Electric Chapel”  is very moody and romantic and Two Door Cinema Club’s remix unexpectedly turns it into a bouncy electro-pop melodic dance track. The two songs are complete opposites but I dig them both.

Listening to “You and I (Metronomy Remix)”  is a total out-of-body experience. Lady Gaga’s vocals are raw, completely on display and separate from the mysterious rhythmic backdrop.

One of my favorite mixes off the album is “Judas (Hurts Remix).” The dubstep-inspired bass drops and Gaga’s spiky vocal distortions make for electronic gold. Like with Goldfrapp’s remix, the diabolic undertones complements the original theme beautifully.

If you are not a Lady Gaga fan but love electronic music, I highly recommend Born This Way: The Remix to you. A majority of the songs on this album are amazingly and surprisingly different from its original counterparts, which makes for a refreshing listen. It is also nice to see unknown producers getting the chance to show off their talents alongside one of the biggest pop stars out there. This remix album has me excited for the next project Lady Gaga will drop!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Songs on Repeat

Marry The Night (The Weeknd & Illangelo Remix)

You and I (Wild Beats Remix)

Black Jesus + Amen Fashion (Michael Woods Remix)

Judas (Hurts Remix)

Songs to Skip

The Edge of Glory (Foster The People Remix)

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