Happy 30th Birthday To Britney Spears!

December 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today marks the 30th birthday to the reigning Princess of Pop, Britney Spears!

I have been a fan of Britney Spears since I was eight years old, so to see her reach such a peak in her life during a great time in her career is beyond!

In tribute to her, I will be sharing my favorite songs, videos and albums from the Pop megastar.


My Top 3 Music Videos

3. “Oops!…I Did It Again” (2000)

2. “Toxic” (2003)

1. “I’m A Slave 4 U” (2001)

My Top 3 Albums

3.  In The Zone (2003)

This album is Britney’s most cohesive due to its themes and sonic aesthetics, and was released at the peak of her career. It is sultry, moody and very personal. Janet Jackson had Velvet Rope, Madonna had Erotica and Britney Spears has In The Zone. 

2. Blackout (2007)

Like I said in my post about my Top 20 albums that have influenced my life, I will support this album until the death of me. The electro-heavy and synth-based production was ahead of its time; the album was unfortunately overshadowed by the Pop star’s breakdown.

1. Britney (2001)

This album was also number one on my aforementioned Top 20 list. I have been a Britney fan since I was young, but this was the first album that I truly soaked in. It showed Britney coming into her own as a bonafide star, and I was happy to go on her journey via Britney. 

My Top 10 Songs

10.  “Blur” (Circus)

9. “Rock Star” (Unreleased Track)

8. “Overprotected” (Britney)

7. “He About To Lose Me” (Femme Fatale)

6. “Toy Soldier” (Blackout)

5.”Get Back” (Blackout)

4. “Toxic” (In The Zone)

3. “Cinderella” (Britney)

2. “Inside Out” (Femme Fatale)

1. “Born To Make You Happy” (…Baby One More Time)

Britney Spears has given us some incredible moments and music throughout her career, so I wish her continued success for the next 30 years of her life!

“Living legend, you can look but don’t touch!”

Photo Courtesy of: Celeb Buzz


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