Music Qualm of the Moment: Rihanna – Talk That Talk’s “Birthday Cake”

November 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bajan Pop songstress Rihanna released her sixth studio album Talk That Talk on November 21. While I am pretty content with the record’s material, I am still upset over the incredibly short mega-track “Birthday Cake.” I just need to get this off my chest, so bear with me!

“Birthday Cake”, produced by The-Dream, was presented to fans as an album interlude. But when I first heard the track on Talk That Talk, I was confused, shocked, excited and highly upset.

This song is NOT an interlude by any means. Album interludes serve as a precursor for the next track in order to build anticipation for that said track. “We All Want Love” succeeds “Birthday Cake”; these two songs have nothing in common. So why sell “Birthday Cake” as an interlude? It is not even titled as an interlude on the album itself!

“Birthday Cake” is the ultimate teaser; it starts with exotic synths then blooms into this bad-bitch sex anthem. Then it suddenly fades away as soon as the track begins to find its center. Why stop? Why?

I don’t understand the reasoning behind putting an unfinished song on an album; it does not make any sense. Rihanna’s team should have either waited to finish recording “Birthday Cake” in order to put it on Talk That Talk or not even bother putting it on in the first place.

The brevity of “Birthday Cake” has kept the Rihanna Navy and I annoyed and unhappy.

Just release the full version!!

This has been my first “Music Qualm of the Moment.” I really hope I don’t have to do these things often; these musicians need to get it together.

Rant Over

Listen to “Birthday Cake” below:


The full song is finally here! Click here to listen to the “Birthday Cake” remix featuring Chris Brown.

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