Video Throwback Fridays! Madonna – “Frozen”

October 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly post for this blog post and  finally settled on the idea of  “Video Throwback Fridays”, where I will pick my favorite visually stimulating video from music’s history for that week. It’s officially Halloween weekend, so what better way to start than with Madonna’s music video for “Frozen”!

The Chris Cunningham-directed video, released in February of 1998, is very melancholy and trance-like.  The video focuses on Madonna being alone in a desert, dressed in a Gothic-inspired black gown with her long ebony-black hair softly framing her face and mimicking the somber crows. The cinematography veils the video in an icy-blue light, which further draws the idea of melancholy and drama.

The melody seems to be stretched out with dark undertones partnered with Middle Eastern strings, which give the sound a sense of an aching desire. Madonna’s vocals are hauntingly delicate, which pairs well with the video visuals. As a duo, the melody and the vocals swallow the listener and force them to succumb to the feeling of despair that is echoed in the song lyrics. The video provides the ultimate layer that brings these elements together.

“Frozen” is one of Madonna’s best videos; it is compelling, dark and cold, elements which are all reflected in the true practice of Halloween.

Have a spook-filled and safe weekend. Check back next friday for my video pick of the week!

Video Courtesy of: Youtube

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