Song of the Moment: Mavado ft. Ne-Yo – “I Know You Want Me” (Remix)

October 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve grown up listening to Dancehall and as I got older, I began to love and appreciate the genre even more. I’m a huge supporter of Dancehall, especially the “Bad Man” and “Gyal” tunes. But there are times where I find myself wanting to listen to some comforting ballads without having to refer to Reggae (its older sibling). Jamaica’s most popular singjay Mavado released the sultry “I Know You Want Me” approximately a year ago, and I melted like many other girls when I first heard it. When I discovered that Ne-Yo remixed the song two months ago, I was ecstatic! The remix version has now become one of my favorite songs of the moment!

The “I Know You Want Me” remix feels more soulful due to Ne-Yo’s presence. Melding his velvety “come hither” voice with Mavado’s painfully heartfelt voice heightens the song’s seductive tone, which draws the listener into the lyrics even more. The song is about a girl who is into a guy yet is hesitant to love. Both Mavado and Ne-Yo use their sex appeal to rope the female in, and I think it is very successful! Combining two artists who are very talented in their own genres will always make for a great song. I’m happy that Ne-Yo chose to remix this particular song. I have a feeling that “I Know You Want Me” will be in constant rotation for a long time.

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