Milan Spring ’12 Fashion Week: My Top 5!

September 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Milan Fashion week ended yesterday, and what a hit it was! The collections shown at MFW instantly wiped out anyone’s thoughts on NYFW! These collections were strong, sexy and very Italian. I’ve never respected a fashion week in such a long time; the clothes were that impeccable. The city surprised me with amazing collections from brands that I usually don’t like; I loved that unexpectedness! I’m happy to know that Milan has still got it when it comes to fashion. If Milan was like this, I cannot wait to see what Paris has in store this season. The collections were so strong in fact, that I couldn’t choose just four favorites.

I present to you my top FIVE Spring ’12 collections from Milan Fashion Week:

5. Versus

I’ve always been a fan of UK designer Christopher Kane, so when he collaborated with Donatella Versace for her classic Versus label a few seasons back I was beyond ecstatic. Kane has blossomed this label into something fun, daring, and very sexy. I especially loved his take on sportswear for this season’s runway show! The pastel palette of the collections makes the idea of sportswear lighter and more fun. The colors may be girly, but the cuts and silhouettes of the dresses and pieces are very edgy and suggestive. That juxtaposition is mastered well in this collection.

I like that Kane took the basic idea of basketball players and cheerleaders and make it fashionable yet still wearable. The slashes on the chest of the dresses is very classic Versus; it was nice to see Kane embed those details into this collection and still make it modern. I would kill to have those shoes in my closet; they’re so fun! I also have a strong feeling that I will be seeing these mini dresses on many of editors for the next season!

Click here for the full collection

4. Prada

Miuccia Prada’s eponymous label is always a hit or miss for me; her odd designs and off-kilter patterns are usually a miss. But with this Spring ’12 collection, I surprisingly adored the clothes I saw! The influence of this collection was Italy in the 1950s, interpreted through the eyes of Prada. She took two things that men love (sultry women and race cars) and made a fabulous collection out of it. Who else put Prada could pull that off?

The outfits are very referential, but the bright colors and quirky prints bring those classic silhouettes back into this era. My favorite looks of this collections are the ones with the high-waisted skirt and mini bandeau top; it is sexy without being too over the top. Prada managed to keep her distinct aesthetic but still make beautiful clothes; I just hope she can keep that up for the next fall season.

Click here for the full collection

3. Versace

Many critics did not enjoy Donatella Versace’s Spring ’12 collection, but I really enjoyed it. I think Versace does a great job of up keeping her brother’s legacy, and this collection continues to display that love through its designs. This collection, like many others this season, takes the classic silhouette from the past and meshes it with the present through prints, colors and accessories.

Versace knows how to make the perfect party dress, and this collection definitely flaunts her skills. Her dresses are always the best combination of elegant and borderline slutty, which is probably why I enjoy this collection so much! Versace took influence from the ocean, embedding seahorses, starfish, and delicate colors into the dresses, tops, skirts, and even the lucite-heeled shoes (which were my favorite part). Versace made a collection that stayed true to her roots, all while providing the audience with kitschy details that only Versace could pull off. In my opinion, that’s success!

Click here for the full collection

2. Gucci

When I first laid my eyes on this collection, I literally jumped for joy! Contrary to many other people in the industry, I am the biggest Frida Giannini supporter. I think the direction she took Gucci in was great and a refreshing change from the Tom Ford era (I still adore that era, by the way). I think I got so excited for this collection because it was so incredibly different from the NYFW and LFW shows (Gucci opened up MFW). The clothes made an actual impact on the runway, which was what I’ve been waiting for since the start of fashion week!

The clothes in this collection had such a strong presence that referenced to the glorious days of the Art Deco era, which Giannini took influence from. Many designers from New York had 1920s jazz influence in their collections, but I think Gucci showed them how it’s supposed to be done. The blazers were strong and tailored, the trousers were sleek, and those sexy drop-waisted dresses brought the 1920s flapper into 2011. I’m really happy to see a house that I admire so much blossoming into a brand that gets stronger with every season. Keep it up Giannini!

Click here for the full collection

1. Roberto Cavalli

I have to admit, I am quite biased when it comes to anything Cavalli. But it never used to be this way; I never enjoyed the Italian designer’s collections until a few seasons ago when he began to make some cool-looking Rock & Roll/Gypsy clothes. I immediately got hooked then, and a few seasons later I am still an avid fan of the sultry brand.I was drawn to this collection because it drew away from the brand’s standard hippie/gypsy style, and created pieces that were elegant and regal but still held on to the sexy Italian aesthetic.

The incredible detailing and handiwork in this collection is astounding; it makes the collection almost couture-like. The gold sequin touches especially took the collection to the next level. The structure and tailoring of pieces like the blazers were very Parisian, something I wouldn’t expect from Cavalli. But it worked beautifully. The collection was mesmerizing; from the vivid prints to the textured leather to the detailed beading, this Spring ’12 collection definitely set the standard of what a collection is supposed to look like. Let’s hope that this is a hint of what Paris will give us in a few days!

Click here for the full collection

What was your favorite from MFW?

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