Rihanna To Release 6th Album in November: Is It Too Soon?

September 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

On November 12, 2010 Pop sensation Rihanna released Loud, an incredibly successful album that dominated the charts for almost an entire year! Boosting seven chart-topping singles, with Cheers still holding its position at number 8 on Billboard, this album proved itself to be a force in the music industry. Skip to eight months later, and Rihanna has already dropped a new single We Found Love from her 6th upcoming album! While I am an avid fan of Rihanna and support her musical venture, I have to ask: Is it too soon?

I always hope for my favorite artists to create quality music and not rush into things without thinking, so I questioned Rihanna’s sudden release of a new album. I still have Loud on repeat; I wasn’t expecting a new record yet! I know dozens of artists (Rihanna included) who find inspiration on tour and create some amazing music that could potentially give birth to a new album. But after listening to We Found Love about 12 times back to back, I don’t think it was necessary for Rihanna to drop another record.

We Found Love, produced by Electro-pop master Calvin Harris, is a club-ready electro-synth track that will have you feeling good as the cocktails keep pouring around you. But that’s exactly my point! How much more of these dance-pop songs are we supposed to jam to per year? It’s no secret that I love Pop music, but I am tired of hearing the same four on the floor beat, the same dubstep-inspired bridge drop, the same party-rock lyrics. While fun, these elements do get tiring.

The production of We Found Love sounds unfinished; the vocals sound like they came from an old demo, not Rihanna. Also, the lyrics are very watered-down: “Yellow diamonds in the light, as we’re standing side by side…” The title of the track makes up the entire chorus, which drowns out most of the song with its overplay.

I expected a new Rihanna album about two years after the release of Loud, and I wish she waited a while until she gave us a new single opener. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of We Found Love. There is no thought or soul behind it. Yet it kills me to know that it will rapidly dominate the charts….you want to know how I know?

2011 is the year of Pop music, period. For this whole year, listeners were completely swept away by thumping techno beats and Euro-pop sounds. These club songs were inescapable and took over the music world. The majority of them are generic, but the listener wants to hear funky club anthems and not a meaningful mid-tempo. So what does Rihanna and her team do? Drop another generic Electro-pop tune that would blend easily with all the other songs that are controlling radio right now. When a listener hears We Found Love, they will automatically relate it to the David Guetta tracks they’ve been bumping for the past year. Then, they will purchase it, request it on radio, and demand the DJ to spin it at their favorite club! It’s already climbing up iTunes, comfortably resting at the number 7 spot as of now.

While I don’t enjoy We Found Love, I do admire the stealth technique that Rihanna used for this track. Her team is very smart and knows what the fans want to hear, and I respect that. But my hopes were high for this single, and I was sadly let down. I won’t be putting We Found Love in my iPod next to my dozens of other Rihanna songs, but I won’t mind dancing to it with a drink in my hand at an upcoming party!

Hopefully Rihanna’s 6th album proves itself to be another stunner. We Found Love is decent for now, but as we begin to enter a new year I hope she can come with something fresh, grimy, and out of this world.

Click here to listen to We Found Love and form your own opinion on the track. Let me know your thoughts!

Photo Courtesy of: Rihanna Daily

Link Courtesy of: FYR Tumblr

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