London Spring ’12 Fashion Week: My Top 4!

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

London’s Spring ’12 fashion week ended very abruptly this year, and for once I didn’t mind. I’m usually excited for LFW because it showcases designers who aren’t afraid to take risks with their collections. But this year, like NYFW, the collections were boring, safe, and uninspired. I didn’t even like Burberry Prorsum this season! When my runway reviews don’t include the classic British house, then you know that I was really disappointed with fashion week. With the combination of shorter fashion schedule and dull collections, it was a bit difficult for me to choose my favorite.

But I did find some collections that caught my eye, and I present them to you below. Here’s to hoping that Milan and Paris could pick up the pace!

4. Richard Nicoll

At first glance, I didn’t enjoy this collection because it seemed too frilly and girly which is completely the opposite of my taste! But after browsing through the collection, I found some amazing looks that were girly but had bit of edge to them. Still running with the pastel trend from NYFW, Richard Nicoll took these delicate colors and used them in a modern way.

I simply love how the designer took a classic silhouette (like a babydoll dress and a tee) and made it interesting by using this cool fabric that was refreshing to see. I’ve been witnessing designers using this rubber-like fabric that reminds me of plastic seat covers over the past few days, and I’ve become a huge fan of it. This material (I don’t know its proper name) is so innovative and elevates the most simple silhouette into something unique for the modern girl.

Click here for the full collection

3. Felder Felder 

I never heard of Felder Felder before a few days ago, but I was instantly drawn to their Spring ’12 collection! I’m a sucker for sheer, black and leather; this collection took all of that and put a funky London twist on it. While this collection had certain elements that have been done season after season, I enjoyed it because it was a breath of fresh air!

I was getting tired of the bright prints of this season fairly quickly, so it was nice to see a collection that had some dark undertones to it. I also like this collection because it is incredibly wearable; I could only imagine the amount of young women who would kill for sheer maxi dress with the leather harness. Felder Felder’s collection was bad-ass but still feminine; the designers balanced the two well. That factor was what I appreciated the most.

Click here for the full collection

2. Julien Macdonald

Before I speak about this collection, I do realize that this collection takes some reference from the likes of Balenciaga and Givenchy. Ok, now on to my review! Julien Macdonald is a very talented designer with a keen eye for classic tailoring, which is evident in this collection. The designer, who used to work for Givenchy, takes those Parisian elements and twists them into a collection that is fit for the edgy city girl. I like when designers create looks with various pieces: a jacket, a skirt, pants, and a top.

At times I do look tend to at fashion as a business venture, and having pieces that can be broken up and exchanged is very buyer-friendly! That was a good business move, as customers will have different options to create outfits. Aside from the actual clothes, I admire the execution of the collection as a whole. The slicked back hair, the neon coral lip, and the 80s-style sunglasses all make for a very cool look. I’m definitely keeping my eye on Julien Macdonald for the upcoming seasons!

Click here for the full collection

1. Antonio Berardi

I always see Antonio Berardi‘s name on various sites and publications, but I never actually got the interest to view his work until this season. I have to say, I wish I knew of his designs sooner! Even though my taste is very “rocker-chic” and my favorite designers have a dark and tough aesthetic, I do appreciate and make exceptions for designers that create pretty and feminine womenswear. Antonio Berardi‘s Spring ’12 collection is definitely one of those exceptions! This collection was so delicate and beautiful; it left me in awe.

The cuts were very sophisticated yet still maintained a modernity that would appeal to many women. From the dresses to the pants, everything fit just right. My favorite looks were the ones with the sequin leggings. I thought they were a fun and unexpected touch and not tacky at all! The only part of the looks I didn’t like were the shoe choice; it didn’t fit in smoothly with the overall mood. But I barely even noticed them! The clothes were that divine.

Click here for the full collection

What was your favorite collection from London Fashion Week?

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