New York Spring ’12 Fashion Week: My Top 4!

September 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last Thursday, New York Fashion Week finally came to a close! I say finally because I feel this year’s Spring NYFW was not as exciting or innovative as it could have been. Over the past few years, the designers who show during NYFW have become repetitive and stale. I usually skip NY and London, and go straight to Milan’s & Paris’s fashion week. But, if I want to be a fashion critic I need to be fair and unbiased! Nonetheless, there are always a few surprise gems that capture my attention & get me excited for the upcoming international fashion weeks! The top two trends I saw during this fashion week were: Pastels and Whites. Both were presented beautifully within the collections; hopefully the trends will develop even more as fashion month continues.

Contrary to last season’s Resort ’12 collections, it was incredibly easy to choose my favorite collections. So here we go: my top 4 NYFW Spring ’12 collections!

4. Prabal Gurung

With the amount of fashion knowledge I have, I am completely aware about the fact that I’m not supposed to like Prabal Gurung‘s Spring ’12 collection! But, I couldn’t help it! The blatant references to houses like McQueen, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga are unfortunate, tacky and shouldn’t be praised. Yet, the aforementioned designers are some of my favorites in the industry. When I first viewed this collection, I instantly fell in love because the clothes reminded me so much of my favorite collections from the past. I accept all of the flack I may receive for even thinking of liking this collection!

I also like Prabal Gurung’s collection because of the way it was executed. The dark plum lips (very Tom Ford) and the slicked-back hair all tied together well with the clothing. I always respect designers who can actually execute a complete look, rather than just designing pretty clothes. I think Gurung accomplished that with his recent collection!

View the entire collection here

3. Vera Wang

I’ve never been a fan of Vera Wang; I always associated her designs with Bridal wear. But when she began to delve into a more edgy and modern concept a few seasons ago, I started to take a second look. Wang’s Spring collection was so beautiful, yet it still had a tough side to it. The fabrics were airy, and the colors were so juicy. Yet the actual construction of the clothes were very edgy. That juxtaposition was effortless, which is why it’s my 2nd favorite collection of the week.

I’m always drawn to sheer fabrics, but it has to be done tastefully. If not, it can easily veer into something inappropriate. But Wang definitely took these sheer fabrics and make them look sexy and wearable.

View the entire collection here

2. Alexander Wang

When I first viewed this collection, I did not fully understand the direction Alexander Wang was trying to go in. But after seeing the details of the pieces, I’ve come to really enjoy this Spring ’12 collection. Wang has always been great at designing sportswear fit for the tough chick who doesn’t want to look like anyone else. With this collection, he took the sportswear aesthetic and amped up to the next level.

Wang’s inspiration of motocross and “Speed Racer” was very evident in this collection. While some of the looks’ execution were a bit costume-y, he managed to make sporty clothes edgy. Wang’s transformation of sportswear to street wear is commendable; I would love to rock this collection on the streets of NYC. Another factor that I loved from this collection were the details. The mesh pockets in the first few looks were genius, the perforated leather bandannas were cool, and the bright white heels served as a refresher to some of the heavier looks. Kudos to Wang for managing to toughen up NYFW!

View the entire collection here

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim

Before I review this collection, I would like to note that I am fully aware of my bias when it comes to 3.1 Phillip Lim. This being said, I did not choose his Spring ’12 as my top pick because he is one of my favorite designers. Once again, I did not consider this collection as the best from all of NYFW because I admire his designs. Now that I’ve made that clear, we can move on to discussing this amazing collection!

I’ve never been so excited about a collection in a very long time! I had to restrain myself from posting the whole collection; it was hard enough for me to choose only three of my favorite looks. The main reason why I support Lim’s Spring collection is the fact that it’s so incredibly simple. Very few designers can pull off minimalism (even Francisco Costa struggles with it at Calvin Klein). But this collection is so refined, classic, and chic. The immaculate tailoring is what elevates the collection & saves it from becoming too minimal and dull.

A great majority of collections from NYFW were fussy and filled to the brim with blinding prints. Lim‘s collection stood out from the blur of prints, and gave us a clean and fresh collection that can be admired for years to come. This collection is very 90s, which is also why I love it. Even the critics of praised the designer for his subtle references to Helmut Lang and Jil Sander. While the tailoring and fit of the clothes are from that decade, it’s the delicate pastels and sheer details that bring this collection back to the modern era & prevents it from being dated.

Phillip Lim is known for creating more street wear for young modern women, so this collection was a lovely surprise and so different from what he usually does! From the lucite heels, the minimal make-up, and classic accessories, this collections was just spot-on. I would die to wear every single piece from this collection, that’s how strong it is. 3.1 Phillip Lim is a growing brand that gets better and more classic with every passing season, & I’m happy that I get to view this incredible journey.

View the entire collection here

What were your favorite collections from NYFW?

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