A Critique of Fashion’s Night Out in Boston ’11: Can’t Beat NYC!

September 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last Thursday (the 8th) marked the 1st year of Fashion’s Night Out: Boston. A year ago, I celebrated FNO in NYC and I had an amazing experience! I felt like no other city could compare to FNO at home. But since I go to college in Boston, I had no choice but to take part in it here. I felt kind of down about not being able to attend FNO in NY, but I decided to make the best of my situation & enjoy what Boston had to offer. When Thursday rolled around, I threw on a blazer over my band tee, slipped on my patent leather loafers, and headed to Newbury Street!

Yet that excitement wore down as soon as I stepped onto the curb…

Myself, Bianca, (left) & my friend Kate (right)

Being that I’m from NYC, I am fully aware of my bias towards anything that has to do with the city (especially fashion). So I already had thoughts in my head regarding to how Boston’s FNO would compare to NYC’s own. But I could never predict that my thoughts would actually be true. As reflected in my various posts on this blog, I don’t exaggerate or fluff things up. So when I say that FNO Boston was a disappointment, I mean it.

FNO is a worldwide event that’s all about great sales, a fun crowd, special guests, tons of swag, after-parties, and endless free drinks. It is held on the night before Fashion Month Madness, where locals, celebrities, and industry leaders alike can relax and have fun with fashion! Yet I feel like Boston didn’t grasp that concept. A good majority of the stores and boutiques did not have an exclusive sale, and if they did it was minscule and not promoted. Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are the expected essentials at FNO, but most stores did not provide either. All Saints even asked for ID’s at the door! That quickly changed the mood for the night.

Pushing treats aside, one still expects a lively atmosphere. When I attended FNO in NYC, there were performers outside Bergdorf’s, menswear designers playing pool with customers at Barney’s, and DJs spinning the latest tunes in every store my friends & I went to! FNO in Boston was the complete opposite.

The stores were tame, with most of the DJs hidden in a small corner. The streets weren’t jam-packed with enthusiasm or people. Celebrity sightings weren’t expected here, but I still wanted to see some inspiring streetstyle. That was also rare. There was a lot of walking around, but we weren’t getting anywhere. I poked my head in boutique doors for some swag, but there wasn’t any. I remember thinking to myself, “I should be home right now”.

Overall, Boston was very…quiet. There was no buzz about fashion. The vibe was dull.

It was Boston’s first annual FNO, & maybe I am being a bit harsh. But they should understand the importance of what they’re becoming a part of! My advice to the organizers of FNO Boston would be to make the night more about fashion and the consumers. FNO isn’t about making money, but it IS about connecting with people & marketing yourselves for future reference. Most importantly, they should strive to inject more fun into the night. Even though I didn’t enjoy FNO Boston as much as I thought I would, I tried to make the best out of my situation & searched for some cool spots on Newbury St!

View some of my snapshots below:

The Blue Jeans Bar: A funky new store on Newbury St.
A local fashionista shopping at Intermix rocking those ever-ubiquitous Litas
My friend Emily, looking very cute!
The fashion book display at Marc by Marc Jacobs, I wanted them all!
The best thing about FNO: Free Drinks!
Barbara, a local shopper. Her look reminded me of home. Very NYC blogger-chic!
The DJ booth at Ted Baker

How did you celebrate FNO this year? What were your thoughts on the night?

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