Milan Spring ’12 Fashion Week: My Top 5!

September 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Milan Fashion week ended yesterday, and what a hit it was! The collections shown at MFW instantly wiped out anyone’s thoughts on NYFW! These collections were strong, sexy and very Italian. I’ve never respected a fashion week in such a long time; the clothes were that impeccable. The city surprised me with amazing collections from brands that I usually don’t like; I loved that unexpectedness! I’m happy to know that Milan has still got it when it comes to fashion. If Milan was like this, I cannot wait to see what Paris has in store this season. The collections were so strong in fact, that I couldn’t choose just four favorites.

I present to you my top FIVE Spring ’12 collections from Milan Fashion Week:

5. Versus

I’ve always been a fan of UK designer Christopher Kane, so when he collaborated with Donatella Versace for her classic Versus label a few seasons back I was beyond ecstatic. Kane has blossomed this label into something fun, daring, and very sexy. I especially loved his take on sportswear for this season’s runway show! The pastel palette of the collections makes the idea of sportswear lighter and more fun. The colors may be girly, but the cuts and silhouettes of the dresses and pieces are very edgy and suggestive. That juxtaposition is mastered well in this collection.

I like that Kane took the basic idea of basketball players and cheerleaders and make it fashionable yet still wearable. The slashes on the chest of the dresses is very classic Versus; it was nice to see Kane embed those details into this collection and still make it modern. I would kill to have those shoes in my closet; they’re so fun! I also have a strong feeling that I will be seeing these mini dresses on many of editors for the next season!

Click here for the full collection

4. Prada

Miuccia Prada’s eponymous label is always a hit or miss for me; her odd designs and off-kilter patterns are usually a miss. But with this Spring ’12 collection, I surprisingly adored the clothes I saw! The influence of this collection was Italy in the 1950s, interpreted through the eyes of Prada. She took two things that men love (sultry women and race cars) and made a fabulous collection out of it. Who else put Prada could pull that off?

The outfits are very referential, but the bright colors and quirky prints bring those classic silhouettes back into this era. My favorite looks of this collections are the ones with the high-waisted skirt and mini bandeau top; it is sexy without being too over the top. Prada managed to keep her distinct aesthetic but still make beautiful clothes; I just hope she can keep that up for the next fall season.

Click here for the full collection

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The Kooks – Junk of the Heart: Album Review

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

 After a 3 year hiatus, The Kooks are back with a brand new album! Released on September 13 2011, Junk of the Heart is a follow-up to the well-received Konk (released in 2008). Being the avid indie fan that I am, I was more than excited for this album! The Kooks are a British band who is known for their feel-good beats and poppy vocals. Their new record embodies that fun feeling, further establishing their signature sound. I’m a huge fan of The Kooks, and I’m happy to know that they haven’t let go of the colorful vibe that they’ve become so loved for.

The album begins with the title track, Junk of the Heart (Happy), a song that introduces the classic Kooks sound to the listener. The claps and ad-libs make for a very fun song; it is the perfect opener for the album. Its rhythmic aesthetics and fun lyrics remind me of why I fell in love with the band in the first place. Following this track is the groovy How’d You Like That, a song with a faint reggae vibe. The track’s guitar and piano combination gives an interesting take on reggae, and brings back the influence that is found on past songs from the British band.

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Rihanna To Release 6th Album in November: Is It Too Soon?

September 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

On November 12, 2010 Pop sensation Rihanna released Loud, an incredibly successful album that dominated the charts for almost an entire year! Boosting seven chart-topping singles, with Cheers still holding its position at number 8 on Billboard, this album proved itself to be a force in the music industry. Skip to eight months later, and Rihanna has already dropped a new single We Found Love from her 6th upcoming album! While I am an avid fan of Rihanna and support her musical venture, I have to ask: Is it too soon?

I always hope for my favorite artists to create quality music and not rush into things without thinking, so I questioned Rihanna’s sudden release of a new album. I still have Loud on repeat; I wasn’t expecting a new record yet! I know dozens of artists (Rihanna included) who find inspiration on tour and create some amazing music that could potentially give birth to a new album. But after listening to We Found Love about 12 times back to back, I don’t think it was necessary for Rihanna to drop another record.

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London Spring ’12 Fashion Week: My Top 4!

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

London’s Spring ’12 fashion week ended very abruptly this year, and for once I didn’t mind. I’m usually excited for LFW because it showcases designers who aren’t afraid to take risks with their collections. But this year, like NYFW, the collections were boring, safe, and uninspired. I didn’t even like Burberry Prorsum this season! When my runway reviews don’t include the classic British house, then you know that I was really disappointed with fashion week. With the combination of shorter fashion schedule and dull collections, it was a bit difficult for me to choose my favorite.

But I did find some collections that caught my eye, and I present them to you below. Here’s to hoping that Milan and Paris could pick up the pace!

4. Richard Nicoll

At first glance, I didn’t enjoy this collection because it seemed too frilly and girly which is completely the opposite of my taste! But after browsing through the collection, I found some amazing looks that were girly but had bit of edge to them. Still running with the pastel trend from NYFW, Richard Nicoll took these delicate colors and used them in a modern way.

I simply love how the designer took a classic silhouette (like a babydoll dress and a tee) and made it interesting by using this cool fabric that was refreshing to see. I’ve been witnessing designers using this rubber-like fabric that reminds me of plastic seat covers over the past few days, and I’ve become a huge fan of it. This material (I don’t know its proper name) is so innovative and elevates the most simple silhouette into something unique for the modern girl.

Click here for the full collection

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(NSFW) And The Best September Issue Goes To…

September 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Every year, fashion lovers around the world impatiently wait for the highly anticipated drop of the September issue. These fashion magazines aren’t the regular monthly issue. These September issues are thick, heavy, and filled with all the latest fashion trends and tips for the forthcoming year. September marks the new year for the fashion industry, hence their grave importance. These issue releases are almost as exciting as the first morning of Christmas!

After perusing through various editorials from magazines across the globe, I finally settled on one issue: Numero #126

As seen evident in my blog posts, I have always admired and loved Numero. Their magazine issues are always sexy, interesting, and above the norm. I did try to be as unbiased as possible as I browsed through the September 2011 issues, but Numero captured my attention the most. Shot by the master himself, Karl Lagerfeld, the September cover is stark, clean, and a nice change from all of the other fussy and colorful magazine issues. The cover also features some great models: Karmen Pedaru, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Anja Rubik, Stella Tennant and Saskia de Brauw. Titled Heroines, the issue provides the reader with editorials that focuses on the strong and confident woman.

Let’s take a look inside!

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New York Spring ’12 Fashion Week: My Top 4!

September 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Last Thursday, New York Fashion Week finally came to a close! I say finally because I feel this year’s Spring NYFW was not as exciting or innovative as it could have been. Over the past few years, the designers who show during NYFW have become repetitive and stale. I usually skip NY and London, and go straight to Milan’s & Paris’s fashion week. But, if I want to be a fashion critic I need to be fair and unbiased! Nonetheless, there are always a few surprise gems that capture my attention & get me excited for the upcoming international fashion weeks! The top two trends I saw during this fashion week were: Pastels and Whites. Both were presented beautifully within the collections; hopefully the trends will develop even more as fashion month continues.

Contrary to last season’s Resort ’12 collections, it was incredibly easy to choose my favorite collections. So here we go: my top 4 NYFW Spring ’12 collections!

4. Prabal Gurung

With the amount of fashion knowledge I have, I am completely aware about the fact that I’m not supposed to like Prabal Gurung‘s Spring ’12 collection! But, I couldn’t help it! The blatant references to houses like McQueen, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga are unfortunate, tacky and shouldn’t be praised. Yet, the aforementioned designers are some of my favorites in the industry. When I first viewed this collection, I instantly fell in love because the clothes reminded me so much of my favorite collections from the past. I accept all of the flack I may receive for even thinking of liking this collection!

I also like Prabal Gurung’s collection because of the way it was executed. The dark plum lips (very Tom Ford) and the slicked-back hair all tied together well with the clothing. I always respect designers who can actually execute a complete look, rather than just designing pretty clothes. I think Gurung accomplished that with his recent collection!

View the entire collection here

3. Vera Wang

I’ve never been a fan of Vera Wang; I always associated her designs with Bridal wear. But when she began to delve into a more edgy and modern concept a few seasons ago, I started to take a second look. Wang’s Spring collection was so beautiful, yet it still had a tough side to it. The fabrics were airy, and the colors were so juicy. Yet the actual construction of the clothes were very edgy. That juxtaposition was effortless, which is why it’s my 2nd favorite collection of the week.

I’m always drawn to sheer fabrics, but it has to be done tastefully. If not, it can easily veer into something inappropriate. But Wang definitely took these sheer fabrics and make them look sexy and wearable.

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