Dancehall Riddim of the Moment: “Sex On Di Beach”

August 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always been a big fan of Dancehall music ever since I was introduced to it as a little girl. Being of Jamaican descent, I still support it strongly to this day. Within the realm of Dancehall, riddims (or “rhythms”) are what the music circles around. They are essentially catchy instrumentals that Dancehall and/or Reggae artists voice several songs on. Having so many various artists and sounds on one single instrumental is perfect for DJs and party people, making it easy to mix the singles.

Dancehall producers and artists are always in healthy competition with each other to make the best and most party-ready riddims and songs, and the summertime proves itself to be the most competitive season. I always look forward to summers in Dancehall, and the Sex On Di Beach riddim for summer 2011 is the best one out of them all!

Released in early July, the Sex On Di Beach riddim (Seanizzle Productions) is easily the most popular riddim in Jamaica for the summer & is catching strong waves in the U.S. as well. It features a bevy of well-known and talented artists, which is key to making a popular riddim. All of the songs reflect the Sex On Di Beach name, as all of the songs are flirty, sultry, and speak of relationships and lust.

This riddim is great for the summer because it is so steamy and confident. Whenever one of the songs play at a party/bashment, you will instantly see couples and strangers like pairing up to wine the night away! My favorite song (but I love them all) is Tarrus Riley’s “Come Ova”; it is all about summer temptation and seduction, which I find incredibly sexy!

Be sure to listen to the songs to see why Sex On Di Beach is the go-to riddim for the summer!

Complete list of artists on the riddim:

1. Zj Liquid – Baby
2. Wayne Marshall – Great Escape
3. Tarrus Riley – Come Ova
4. Seanizzle feat. I-Octane – Losing Control
5. Mr.G – Wickedess
6. Jah Vinci – I Love You
7. I-Octane – Come Close
8. Charly Black – Sweetest Touch
9. Bencil – Dem Gal A Geet Weh
10. Beenie Man – Sex On Di Beach

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