Song of the Moment: Frank Ocean – “Nature Feels”

July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

When MGMT’s “Electric Feel” dropped 3 years ago, the world turned on its head. The psychedelic rhythm with Indian influence was a sound that many have never heard before. It was fresh, unique, and a worthy nod to the music of the late 60’s. So when Frank Ocean (of OFWGKTA fame) sampled the track for his 2011’s “Nature Feels” off his debut mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra, it was welcomed by me with open arms.

Since I was already a huge fan of MGMT and their music, I automatically fell in love with Ocean’s take on the smash song. He takes the trippy song and makes it all his own, which is why I love it. “Electric Feel” was already a seductive track, but Frank Ocean took it to a rawer, more open level. His vocals on the track are so fitting as well: clean, enticing, and confident.

In 2011, R&B has been fading in the background behind Pop synths and the allure of grimy Lex Luger beats. But if Frank Ocean continues to stick around and create solid music such as “Nature Feels”, I think R&B will have no problem getting back on its feet.

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