Numero #123- May 2011: Magazine Review

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of my favorite magazines, Numero, released their May issue last month. I’m a huge fan of the French-based publication’s dramatic and visually entertaining editorials. The #123 issue greatly lives up to that expectation.

The cover features Australian stunner Abbey Lee Kershaw in a striking, dancer-esque pose, which sets the tone for what’s inside the magazine. I love the cover because it has the capability of catching the readers’ eye on a newstand, unlike other American magazines.

While Kershaw’s face looks slightly gaunt, the rest of the frame makes up for it with its curve-enhancing top, warrior-like leather harness, and a silk skirt that elegantly blows in the wind. Titled “Performance”, this Numero cover gears the reader up for strong, energetic, and innovative editorials. Let’s review them, shall we?

1. Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Camilla Akrans

I am a huge fan of Camilla Akrans work; she has the ability to highlight the best assets of a woman with her soft photography and dimmed lighting. When I saw this editorial, I was surprised that Akrans shot it. I wasn’t used to such a stark perspective from her; the imagery felt more suited to photography duo Mert & Marcus. Nevertheless, I do love this editorial.

The depth of color used in this editorial paired with a model like Edita makes for a great combination. The lighting used casts shadows in all the right places, showing off the model’s deep cheekbones and delicate frame. Overall, the editorial gives off a Ziggy Stardust vibe, with the strong make-up and heavy outfits. I mean, who doesn’t love the ’70s? Rating: 4/5

2. Elena Sudakova by Solve Sundsbo

This editorial is one of the stranger ones that I’ve seen over the past few years. It reminds me of what goes on behind closed doors in an insane asylum. The walls, sheets, clothing, and model’s skin/hair all share the same nude color, which I find very creepy. The contortionist poses elevate the theme even further; Elena’s twists and turns makes her seem like a doll, doing whatever the photographer tells her to. This editorial seems very controlling and manipulative, which I find interesting and refreshing for a magazine. Rating: 5/5

3. Abbey Lee Kershaw by Tom Munro

Abbey Lee Kershaw keeps the energy going from the magazine cover with this powerful editorial. The black and white photography does a great job of capturing the Athena-like theme of this editorial. The ideal strong woman is shown through exercise poses, weaponry, metal accents, and the deathly curve of a woman’s body.
The only qualm I have with the images is Kershaw’s gaunt face & lifeless hair. But that is a personal issue; the editorial is still striking in every way. Rating 4/5
4. “Bain de Minuit” Eniko Mihalik shot by Ben Hasset
We’ve all seen it before: black & white water shots, the model’s sultry exit of the pool, runny make-up. This editorial uses all of those techniques, yet doesn’t make it fresh or innovative for the reader to view. Eniko has a great body, yet the cut of the bathing suits, the camera angles, and the unflattering lighting doesn’t showcase that.
Despite her being submerged in water, one of the most exciting elements to shoot in, her body and face appear dull and lifeless. I do not know what type of message the photography was trying to get across, but it is not anything that I would be interested in. Rating 2/5
5. “Sur Le Pont” Sigrid Agren shot by Viviane Sassen
I’ve always enjoyed when magazines use editorials to display historical references because they highlight the beauty of whatever decade or time period they show. While this editorial has the essence of an artsy, Dutch, 1940’s time period, the images presented don’t come across as beautiful to me. In fashion, ugly equals beauty (which I love). Yet these images are not ugly-beautiful at all.
Sigrid Agren is definitely not one of the prettier models, but her face shoots well in editorials. This editorial does not do anything for her face; it is very unflattering to say the least. The wardrobe is very dated, and the poses are ones that have been done to death. There is nothing new to enjoy in this editorial. Rating: 1/5
6. Melanie Laurent shot by Camilla Akrans

Camilla Akrans strikes again with another beautiful editorial in Numero. This time, the photographer goes back to her roots with soft lighting and elegant imagery. I love the juxtaposition of Laurent’s heavy leather jacket and the pale pink rose; it makes for very simple yet stunning imagery. Even though this editorial is only a two-fold, the images are ones that will be embedded in your mind. Rating: 5/5

The Numero #123 issue is a very strong, bold, and feminine issue. While some editorials did not pose well against others, the imagery portrayed were beautiful, modern, and very memorable. Overall Rating: 4/5

Photos Courtesy of: Fashion Gone Rogue, Management Artists

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