Jennifer Lopez- Love? Album Review

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

After being pushed back for over a year, Jennifer Lopez’s Love? finally dropped this Tuesday to much anticipation. Shifting to a new record label, Island Records, the Pop Diva found herself playing around with new Euro-driven sounds and fun lyrics. With the birth of her twins and her busy job as judge on American Idol, Jennifer Lopez’s presence within the music scene was minute. But with Love?, Lopez wanted to come back with a bang. But the album is more of a sizzle.

Love? is based on Euro-dance Pop, a sound that we are all used to in the year 2011. Instead of setting herself apart from the sea of female Pop artists dominating the industry, Lopez sinks with a robotic fervor. “Good Hit” transforms the 41-year old entertainer into a try-hard tween, with its screeching auto-tune and standard rhythmic production. Lopez returns back to her Latin roots with “Papi”, a bass-thumping dance track that gets you into the mood to shake what you got.

The singer isn’t known for her powerful ballads, yet they are still present on Love? “Until It Beats No More” is a dull record about heartbreak and resurrection. Unfortunately, the production is too high for Lopez’s tight vocal range; the singer strains to reach notes that she cannot pull off. Lopez’s vocal range is pushed into the Justin Bieber category with “One Love”, a mid-tempo ballad that would be better suited for the 17-year old popstar. “Villian”, a track that oozes sensuality and mystery is quite strong. But once again, the breathy vocals and edgy-techn0 beat would fit Britney Spears, not Jennifer Lopez.

There are a few highlights on this album; ironically they are the first two released singles (good play, Island Records). The “Lambada”-inspired track, “On The Floor”, is one of the strongest songs on the album. The Brazilian beats fused with electro-pop beats flown straight from Ibiza makes this the perfect track for clubs around the world. “On The Floor” serves as nostalgia for J.Lo fans, taking note from the singer’s 1999 dance ready chart-topper “Waiting For Tonight”. My favorite track, “I’m Into You” is the type of song that I guarantee will be bumping in the urban streets, droptop cars, and barbeques come summertime. Pairing with rap superstar Lil Wayne, the beachy track (reminiscent to Rihanna’s smash “What’s My Name”) is light, playful, flirty, and brings the listener to a sun-soaked Caribbean island with their lover.

Overall, Love? is a weak album. After releasing the 2007 downer Brave & dropping Epic Records, I truly believed Lopez would give us some dance-pop, Latin-tinged records that only she could master. Instead, Love? is over-produced, over-thought, and bland compared to all the substantial Pop music released in the past year. Jennifer Lopez started out in this business as an actress/dancer; she should focus on making blockbuster hits and leave the studio sessions for the kids.

Overall Rating: 2/5 stars

Songs on Repeat

“I’m Into You”

“Charge Me Up” (Deluxe Edition)

Songs to Skip

“Good Hit”

“Invading My Mind”

“Starting Over”

“Until It Beats No More”

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