What The Fuck Is Blogging Anyway?

April 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

When I first became interested in fashion back in 2005, most of my knowledge was derived from online websites, specifically fashion blogs. I looked to these blogs for inspiration, but now that I’ve conjured up my own blog I’m beginning to give these so-called “blogs” a second glance.

In general, blogs serve as the curious younger sister to the stricter journalism brother. They provide people with a source to give their blatant opinion on the goings on in the world, rather than sticking to the dry facts. We were given a chance to explore the minds of others and learn new things we were never exposed to. But which blogs carry that message nowadays? It’s a rare, rare amount, especially within the youth culture. I want fashion journalism to be an exciting part my career, but what happens when I go online for inspiration and everyone is producing the same shit?

What really irks me is that the majority of the fashion media is constricted to two outlets: Blogger & Tumblr. A good amount of fashion bloggers use Blogger as their platform, which would be cool if they all didn’t blog about the same topics. Is posting a personal-yet still public photo of yourself propped up against a random graffittied wall (which is nowhere near where you actually live) wearing glitter Jeffrey Campbell Lolitas, a flowy white tee, ombre hair courtesy of an expensive salon NOT Venice Beach, leather zipped shorts from LF & Alexander Wang’s Darcy hobo bag. Then you have the nerve to add a self-absorbed blurb (140 characters or less thanks to the Twitter Takeover) about said “fashion forward” photo. You’re covered in ubiquity, what’s the fun in that!

Then there’s Tumblr. An inescapable stratosphere made for the strung out hipster youth. It has become Fashion’s base for “indie” audio posts and re-blogged photos of the girl borrowing a Marlboro Light from her lace tank top donning, high-waisted vintage Levi short wearing, blond & pink haired friend. Is that the sole image embedded in our minds now? Overall, I do not have anything against either media site. I use Blogger to run the blog at my internship and Tumblr gives me the opportunity to post random shots of bare breasts from Vogue Paris without anyone giving a fuck. But how does that make me grow as a true journalist? As a young person living  among the media-infected youth? This is why I began this blog, on WordPress, so I can express myself in lengthy paragraphs and not feel constricted. It is not in me to post a picture and add one or two sentences below. Sure, I enjoy it most of the time but I need to fulfill my desire to actually WRITE. I want to write what is on my mind about music, fashion, and society, and give my readers (if I have any) the chance to read a post that is refreshing, interesting, and unexpected.

I hope I am living up to what I’m saying here. I hope you are reading this and feel what I feel. But if this is too much to swallow & your brain gets dizzy after seeing actual paragraphs, click here and browse through pretty pictures on my Tumblr account, this blog’s curious younger sister 😉

Photo Courtesy of: The Trouble With Normal wordpress

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§ 2 Responses to What The Fuck Is Blogging Anyway?

  • bobcb518 says:

    I know what you mean about Tumblr. I post on it, but it’s pretty much commensurate with pressing the buttons and acquiring crap just like on those facebook games. Most of the people who reblog my stuff are between the ages of 14 and 18 and their pages are filled with photos of cutters and suicide notes. What I post has nothing to do with any of that.

    I do blogger, too. Most of that is just seeing who can make the prettiest scrapbook or ‘mommy’ page. Vintage and retro and lace and family photos of ‘my precious children’.

  • Your comment is so spot on! Tumblr & Blogger are both fun in moderation, I just hope that people can elevate it more in the future.

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