The Strokes- Angles: Album Review

March 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

Being a huge fan of The Strokes ever since I heard “Juicebox”, I was ecstatic to hear that the New York City-based band was gearing up to record their fourth studio album. The Strokes, known for their fresh spin on the “Indie” sound, haven’t released an album since 2006, so the wait for a new album was much-anticipated. Angles, released on March 18th 2011, was met with mixed reviews. Being a dedicated fan of the band, I feel this album did not have the punch I was expecting. Sure I enjoy the album, but it isn’t a memorably hard-hitting record.

Songs like “Taken For a Fool” brings me back to the good old days of Is This It?, with Julian Casablancas’s gritty yet soothing voice and Fabrizio Moretti’s nonchalant licks on the guitar. Other tracks like “Machu Picchu” find the band members trying a new, 80’s inspired sound that works in their favor. “Gratisfaction” (the highlight track of the album) gives the record a jolt of much-needed energy with its rockabilly attitude, making a great nod to the Beatles in their early days. Songs like “Games” tries to tap into the old Strokes vein, but fail; the band members sound uninspired.

With a majority of forgettable songs that lack an overall connection and a forced vibe that makes the band members seem uninterested in the creative process of this record, Angles served as a slight disappointment to anyone, fan or not, who appreciates good rock music.

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars

Songs on Repeat

“Machu Picchu”

“Under Cover of Darkness”


Songs to Skip

“You’re So Right”

“Call Me Back”

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§ 3 Responses to The Strokes- Angles: Album Review

  • Bertus says:

    I don’t get how some people are disappointed with Angles. Let’s remember the best albums are rarely the best reviewed. Mixed reviews (not negative reviews) are not a bad thing. Angles will be seen in a better light in time, and in the meantime, let’s remember that the reviews for Angles have been positive (21 positive reviews, 10 mixed, 1 negative per Metacritic), a better received album than many, many classics. I think Angles feels like a follow-up to Room on Fire. Let’s also remember that many critics already have pre-conceptions about Angles – The Strokes did not do themselves any favors by publicly talking about the “awful” recording process. Most mixed reviews cite that. Had they not said it, reviews would be even better. The other thing that hurts the Strokes is that a lot of critics don’t like them because of their background, their good looks, and their hype. If you look past all this garbage, the music in Angles is simply, album of the year, period.

  • Putting Angles in the context of all the other albums released this year thus far, it can be looked at as the album of the year. But take the record out of that group of other albums & look at it solely for its musicality, Angles does not have the music to be called “album of the year” right now.

    While the songs are fine in general, they could’ve been elevated far enough to give The Strokes the positive recognition they needed after releasing an album in over 5 years. But do the songs have that energy? No. There is a sense of disconnection & lack of emotions coming from the record, possibly because some of the members didn’t have their mind set on creating a new record.

    I’ll be seeing The Strokes next friday, so possibly when I hear the songs live I’ll get a different feel for them. But for right now, I don’t feel its their best album. I do appreciate your honesty & opinion though 🙂

  • […] After releasing their highly criticized Angles in 2011, The Strokes is gearing up for another release later this year. […]

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