Does Love Really Exist?

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve never been the type to be vulnerable & open up about the thoughts that ramble inside my head. Privacy is the one thing I covet in life. I think this is the reason I began this blog. Not only to comment on fashion & music, but to learn how to be unafraid of sharing how I feel with others. This being said, one thing that has been on my mind lately is the idea of love. Not teenage, unmeaningful love, but something that is true and pure. I don’t have a desire to attain true love at this very moment (I believe that true love is nonexistent with young people), but I do think about how my life will turn out. Will I be in a relationship? Will I die alone? I will never be able to tell, since I belive my fate isn’t up to me.

But is love actually real? I always see couples holding hands, giggling, brushing stray hairs off each other’s faces, yet I never saw these people as lovers. With divorce rates rising & shotgun engagements announced daily, I’ve come to see “love” as forgery. Does it really mean anything to anyone anymore? Young, old, guy, girl, it seems like everyone around me takes love for granted nowadays. Long gone are the days where couples stuck together for better or for worse.

The majority of my poems are centered around the idea of love, but the images aren’t pretty. They’re based on regret, despair, physical/emotional pain, etc. I’ve never experienced any of these things due to the fact I’ve never been in a relationship; most of these ideas stemmed from events I’ve seen others experience (or what I perceived their experiences to be). The rest was based on my hidden jealousy of surrounding relationships. Maybe the issue of true love isn’t based on society; it could very well be that I subconsciously tell myself to steer away from love. Maybe deep down inside, I choose to not believe in true love because I don’t see it ever happening to me.

Photo Courtesy of: Le Love

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