The Ideal Girl?

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

We all recognize this girl: early-twenties, brown hair fading into a straw-like blond, tight cut-off levi’s, and a Parliament cigarette in hand. We have come to know her as the “hipster girl”, the one seen making out with the scruffy guy at the basement party or the girl wearing Jeffrey Campbell Lolitas in your favorite fashion blog. A few days ago, I was asked about my thoughts on who the modern ideal girl was. This distinct image immediately popped into my head and I began to ramble on to said person about how I felt this girl represented our generation.

Due to my age (I turn 20 in September), I couldn’t really put my finger on who the ideal girl was 10 years ago. But now, in 2011, I feel like her presence is inescapable. Whether I’m home on Long Island, interning in Midtown, or strolling down Greene Street in Soho, I’m always surrounded by carbon copies of the ideal girl. I’m constantly whipped by faded hair, stomped on by studded combat boots, and stared down by Wayfarer-shaded eyes. It’s become overwhelming to the point where when I close my eyes, all I can see are floral prints.

As these images become permanently embedded in my head, I subconsciously begin to believe this is what I’m supposed to look like. But where did this girl come from?

 I believe it all began about 2 years ago, when the “Grunge” trend was steadily making a comeback for the umpteenth time. Girls from the West Coast (specifically California) ran with the trend and combined their surfer beach-hippie style with the grunge look & BOOM: the hipster girl was born. She made her debut at music festivals such as Coachella, where “indie” bands and electro-based DJs called home. The look spread like wildfire as regular girls took notice and began to take Polaroids where they made sure to include their colored sunglasses and concert wristbands in the frame.

I, a native New Yorker who is thousands of miles away from California, see these pictures uploaded to personal style websites and fashion tumblrs. Social networking transformed a sole puesdo-grunge beach girl from Venice into an object that every girl wants to be party-crasher BIFF’s with and every guy (and some girls) wants to fuck.

I feel that the obsession to imitate the ideal girl through style, speech, and actions stemmed from hidden insecurity. Girls have an inner voice that is always hounding them to fit it in order to be accepted. When the ideal girl pounced unto the scene, everyone rushed to Forever 21 to purchase faux-leather studded vests and cheap tights that they’d purposefully rip in the discretion of their bathroom.

I admit, I’ve fallen victim to trying to portray the look of the ideal girl. I made my rounds through Soho & the Lower East Side pointlessly spending my money to find pieces that would help me fit in with these girls. But I had to take a step back & look what I was doing to myself; this did not reflect me at all.

Yes, I wear combat boots but only because I like to look tough. Yes, I wear floral prints at times only because I have girly style phases. Yes, I smoke Parliaments because I want to, not because I want to be a hipster. At the end of the day, I think it’s important for girls of my generation that this “ideal girl” will only be around for so long, not for a lifetime. My advice to anyone reading this: try to create a style that represents your personality and your own thoughts. Personal style does not come overnight, it takes time to perfect your signature look. So be patient! But remember there’s nothing wrong with wearing neon-blue framed Wayfarers once in a while 🙂

Photos Courtesy of: Sick Of Serious (Tumblr)

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