Fall 2011 Fashion Week: My Top 4

March 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Fashion Month has come to an end, & looking back at it, overall there was nothing special about it. New York designers played it safe, giving us predictable looks without any edge. London has Christopher Kane to thank for saving them from an otherwise non-memorable week. Milan gave us classic looks from the likes of Jil Sander and Fendi but failed to portray the sexiness the city is known for. Paris, the city that breathes life within Fashion Month, missed the mark when it came to strikingly beautiful and daringly dark collections.

Despite the fact this Fall 2011 season disappointed me, I still found 4 collections that stood out to me. I present to you my top 4 Fashion Month collections!

4. Ann Demeulemeester – Paris

I’ve been a dedicated fan of Ann Demeulemeester ever since I began to follow fashion. I fell in love with her take on gothic romanticism, and her recent collection did the theme justice. The way Demeulemeester manipulated leathers was genius; I loved the laces intertwining the jackets and skirts, such a cool touch. The collection was centered around a bird theme, note the feathers in the models’ hair.

While I am frightened of the feathered creatures, this collection struck me as poetic & not haunting. I appreciated the designer’s take on the typical fur jacket; the feather jacket above resembles a bird’s chest (despite it being goat hair). Overall, Ann Demeulemeester’s Fall 2011 collection was very beautiful, but still had the rawness that I look for in her collections. I was very pleased!

3. Viktor & Rolf – Paris

I was very surprised by Viktor & Rolf this season! Usually, their attempts of theatrics within their shows come off as forced and unoriginal. But their Fall 2011 show was the perfect balance of drama and wearability. The collection centered around the Medieval Times, with references to knights and armory. The drawbridge, which opened the show, set off the amazing warrior vibe that was very unexpected for the Dutch duo. When I first saw the red face paint on the models, my eyes widened with excitement! I thought it was very innovative. As my eyes wandered from the red face down to the dangerous-looking shoulder pads, I immediately thought of a bloody war battle.

I think it is incredibly important for designers to provide their audience with a story through visuals like make-up and props, and Viktor & Rolf did just that. The shoulders of the jackets resembled a knight’s mace, and the jackets resembled powerful shields themselves. Looking past the battle theme, the clothing itself was very wearable which is rare for Paris fashion week. With impeccable tailoring, interesting details, and a bold theme, Viktor & Rolf gave us an amazing show!

2. Alexander McQueen – Paris

Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows never fails to disappoint, and creative director Sarah Burton’s Fall 2011 collection was no exception. I love the house of McQueen for its drama, dedication to intricate detail, and its overall beauty. This collection was a mix of blatant sex appeal and royal elegance. The transition of S&M bondage Dominatrix to Ice Princess was a little rough, but the detailing in the pieces made up for it, especially with the beautifully delicate broken china-corseted gown seen above.

I loved the platform heels; I wouldn’t mind to have all of them in my closet! I was also a huge fan of the leather harnesses that nodded to a sort of sexual suppression, a theme in the collection that was executed flawlessly. The models’ hair, which was hidden by metal hair pins, acted as a shield which further embedded the idea of an unattainable sexy & powerful woman. Even though some pieces may have taken note from other designers (ie. Chanel), I believe Sarah Burton is strongly holding the McQueen house down.

1. Roberto Cavalli – Milan

Many would question my decision to choose Roberto Cavalli as my top pick, I even surprised myself! But it was something about this sex-dripping, unapologetic Fall 2011 collection that stood out the most in my mind. I never was a big fan of the Italian designer; I always felt his collections borderlined on cheap and tacky. But with Cavalli’s current transformation that began during the Fall 2010 show, I was instantly turned unto the designer’s aesthetic!

This collection emphasizes this bohemian luxe, bad-ass gypsy, rock & roll queen that I find so refreshing & captivating. It’s the type of woman I want to be! I find it so commendable when a designer can make a woman feel slithery sexy without her being exposed; this collection was the epitome of that. The styling is fantastic: the wet hair wrapped in scarves, the smoky & seductive eyes, and the model stares that would make anyone drop dead. Every detail was perfect. I don’t know what else to say; Roberto Cavalli’s Fall collection was the highlight  of this Fall 2011 season.

What was your favorite Fall 2011 collection?

All Photos Courtesy of: Style.com

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