Michael Weferling’s 3-D Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary: Revisit The EP

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Last Spring, I introduced Michael Weferling to Youth and Hysteria Artist Spotlight, a few months before the pop artist released his debut EP on October 20 – titled 3-D. Since then, Weferling has moved to NYC in dreams of making it big. He has performed at various shows in the city in hopes of catching the attention of music execs, and if he keeps up with his determination, that dream may come true sooner than later!

In my review of 3-D, “Soldier For Our Love” was my clear favorite: “…a power anthem that was first released back in April but is now remastered and free of the flaws that stopped it from becoming a solid pop tune. The synth-heavy production, which was once submissive, is now boastful and pairs well with Weferling’s strong vocals and continues the throwback ’80s revival sound. It’s perfect for a few spins at a downtown Manhattan bar.” A year later, and the song still packs a punch with its New Wave-esque sparkling synths and charming piano melodies. It’s still a great spin for a night on the town.

Weferling describes the EP as having “a Pop/R&B with influence from Aaliyah and Solange.” This influence is evident in “Mine,” a bright R&B-tinged tune filled with brass instruments that help to anchor the singer’s bold vocals.

Revisit the 3-D EP below, and see if any of your past favorites still ring true. « Read the rest of this entry »

Jungle Doctors Release New Single “The Sea And The Rain”: Listen Now

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The Sea and the Rain final artwork

Jungle Doctors follow up “Falling” with their latest single, titled “The Sea And The Rain.” The British boys spark up the energy on the new track, which is filled with punchy guitar riffs, bright vocals and an overall feel-g00d vibe.

There’s no doubt the upbeat tune will have you longing for the summer months!

Take a listen to “The Sea And The Rain” below. Keep reading…

Video Throwback Fridays! No Doubt – “Hella Good”

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Gwen Stefani is about to make a serious comeback, from her new judge spot on The Voice to her new single ready to drop next month, so today’s video throwback is in honor of the singer’s roots – with No Doubt!

Their 2002 single “Hella Good,” from their fifth studio album Rock Steady, is one of my favorites. It’s super-fun, edgy and a classic tune from the band’s legendary discography.

Get into it below!

Happy Friday!

Video Throwback Fridays! Christina Aguilera – “Genie In A Bottle”

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In celebration of Christina Aguilera‘s 15th anniversary of her debut album, this week’s throwback video takes it all the way back – to June 22, 1999! The diva’s first single, “Genie In A Bottle,” was an instant chart success and the video was in constant rotation on Total Request Live.

From her breathy vocals to the breezy California vibe of the visuals, this single remains a classic Pop song. Take a trip down memory lane below!

Happy Friday!

New Music: Killers Walk Among Us – “Quitter Happier”

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Swedish band Killers Walk Among Us follow up their brilliant “Bonjour Tristesse” single with their latest track, titled “Quitter Happier.”

The single, the third released from their upcoming debut album, is a delicate ballad where the soft vocals are juxtaposed by horn instruments. The balance between the two musical aesthetics create an emotive tune that allows the listener to get into the somber mind of the band members, especially lead singer Stefan Holmberg.

Listen below:

After the tragic passing of Holmberg (the lead singer and songwriter), the band continues to celebrate his life by releasing great indie rock music.

Look out for the band’s debut (and final) album on August 26th via A Tendervision Recording.

Listen Here: Killers Walk Among Us – “Bonjour Tristesse”

July 23, 2014 § 1 Comment


Killers Walk Among Us, Sweden’s latest indie rock export, has a slightly different come-up story that sets them apart from any other band out there. After their lead singer and songwriter Stefan Holmberg passed away earlier this year, the remaining members of the band are continuing to push their music as a tribute to their friend.

Their new single, “Bonjour Tristesse,” is haunting ballad that compels the ears with eerie guitar riffs and weighty drums. The lead singer’s vocals (which are reminiscent of 30 Seconds To Mars’ lead vocalist Jared Leto) are quite somber, which is honestly chilling when thinking about the band’s current status. Nevertheless, “Bonjour Tristesse” is an indie rock winner.

Check it out below:

Look out for the band’s debut (and final) album on August 26th via A Tendervision Recording.

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